Revolutionizing Healthcare

World Trade Xpert provides comprehensive analytics consulting support throughout the entire journey—from assessing analytics strategies to managing the challenges of integrating analytics into healthcare systems and processes. Making analytic insights accessible to both subscribers and providers in a timely fashion is a key differentiator among healthcare providers.

Healthcare companies are navigating dramatic changes in customer behavior, market dynamics, and regulatory demands. At World Trade Xpert, we partner with leading healthcare companies to deliver better value for patients, drive innovation, and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems. Our pharmaceutical, medtech, payers, and delivery systems teams bring diverse and deep experience to every healthcare engagement.

We assist top healthcare companies with the full spectrum of strategy, operations, organization, and mergers and acquisitions. Our cross-sector teams offer a collaborative spirit and extensive expertise to every project, supported by our global healthcare practice that spans both developed and emerging markets.

Expert analytics for healthcare deliver a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Identifying pharmacy and service provider fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Improving utilization of care
  • Optimizing management of claims
  • Developing quality performance metrics to enhance service and reduce costs


By leveraging our advanced analytics and strategic insights, World Trade Xpert helps healthcare providers navigate complex challenges and achieve sustainable success in a rapidly evolving industry.

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Preetha Nair


With over three decades of industry experience, Ms. Nair is a seasoned consultant specialized in ushering start-up companies into new markets. Currently serving as the Chairperson for World Trade Xpert, she leverages her expertise to build global channel partnerships, develop robust sales pipelines, and engage in advocacy with host governments on policy issues. Throughout her career, she has played a pivotal role in helping companies close business deals worth over 8 billion USD, demonstrating her ability to drive substantial revenue growth and market expansion on a global scale.